Wild Women

Wild Women began as the dream of two local East Coast women and rapidly became reality in 2012. The plan was to create a nurturing environment for a small group of women to experience an intimate, physically challenging, empowering, multi-day adventure in a place of astonishing natural beauty (the Wild Coast).  The Women spend on average 9 months preparing for a 3 day approx 90km trail run which includes river crossings and other challenges. The experience is not intended to be a race: it is a collaborative, supportive, fun journey where close bonds are formed as women encourage one another through tough times and honour each other’s successes. 

Now, a decade later we are celebrating ten years of #womensupportingwomen while also raising money for local charities. As a group of women deeply aware of our privilege, it was always our intention to give back to our communities. We chose African Angels Independent School www.sponsoranangel.org and Busfare Babies Birth Centre  www.birthworks.co.za  as recipients of our fundraising efforts and have, to date, raised close to R1Million.   In our tenth year we wish to:

·      honour the 80+ warrior women who have shared this experience

·      celebrate the deep friendships and support systems that have been forged

·      applaud the generosity of our supporters who have given so freely to our charities.


 But that’s not all.  We also want to harness our vast collective energy to reach R1Mill in sponsorship in 2021, our tenth year.  Then we plan to #Match1Million with the help of a bold and visionary sponsor who resonates with the matchless ethos that is Wild Women. #Strongback-softfront-wildheart #sisterhood #womensupportingwomen #givingback


(It’s worth a mention that every cent we raise goes to the abovementioned NPO’s.  Every woman funds her own experience – paying only the actual cost of accommodation, transport .  Each woman is obliged to raise a set minimum  amount – if she is unable to acquire sponsorship she must provide this amount from her own pocket. All sponsored money goes directly to our charities.)


http://kimvankets.com/category/wild-woman/ and  www.wildwomenontherun.com