Our Pants

what makes them special

Our pants are individually crafted from high quality performance four way stretch fabric. (SPF) The fit has been custom designed to easily accommodate all shapes and sizes, with added features making them unbeatable – just ask the “Wild Women on the Run” about their Gussets!

The wide waistband helps hold your wobbly bits in place, that also means they won’t fall down. Flatlock stitching means the seams do not unravel, and that chaffing is a worry of your past! Pockets are essential, and ours are the best – there is one deep enough to protect your mobile phone and a hidden one for your keys or that cash for your post-workout coffee or smoothie!

Since more than one Hera convert has declared that running in these pants are as though you are running naked, we shouted “Eureka!” and knew we had nailed the design brief!

While our designs echo both our Hellenic and Eastern Cape heritage, we also celebrate our children and the things they love!

Our pants are multifunctional – they perform exceptionally well on a run, both road and trail, even crossing rivers and stopping for swims without chaffing. They are also awesome in the yoga or pilates studios, as well as fabulous for everyday leisure activities! Simply put, from alpha to omega, we are the superior brand for you!